Man Struck By Lightning — Hours After Buying Lottery Ticket

KANSAS CITY, Ka. (CBS St. Louis) – A local man had a dollar and a dream, but unfortunately for Bill Isles, it was a nightmare that came true.

The 48-year old Wichita resident was struck by lightning only a few hours after buying three tickets for Friday’s $656 million Mega Million’s lottery.

Isles was reportedly standing outside in his backyard during a storm on Thursday night, but thought the lightning was far enough away to be safe.

“In the distance, I would hear thunder and see lightning,” Isles told KAKE News. “I didn’t think anything was quite that close.”

That’s when it happened. They say you’re more likely to be struck by lightning than win the Mega Millions, and Isles found out just how true the old saying really is. A jolt of electricity surged through his body, leaving him startled and weak.

“It threw me to the ground quivering,” he recalled. “It kind of scrambled my brain and gave me an irregular heartbeat.”

Isles is a volunteer weather spotter and was checking the skies for activity when the lightning strike happened.

He had his portable radio with him, which was thrown from his hand as he was struck.  He was able to reach it to call another spotter for help.

Isles was treated for an irregular heartbeat.  He had no burns or other physical effects.

“But for the grace of God, I would have been dead,” Isles said. “It was not a direct strike.”

Officials from the Mega Millions lottery said that the odds of winning lottery were about 176 million to one, while officials from the National Weather Service said the odds of being struck by lightning are 775,000 to one.


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