“The Dictator” Rules in Rowdy, Raw Comedy

Harry Hamm

harry star 3stars The Dictator Rules in Rowdy, Raw Comedy

You have to like any film that begins with a dedication  “In loving memory” of deceased North Korean Premier Kim Jong-il.

dictator 11 The Dictator Rules in Rowdy, Raw Comedy

The most bankable and offensive comedy star in movies right now, Sasha Baron Cohen, stars as General Admiral Aladeen, supreme murderous ruler of a tiny but oil rich country in North Africa known as Wadiya. He runs the land with his brother Tahir at his side, played by Ben Kingsley. They even hold hands, although Tahir is always planning unsuccessful attempts to assassinate Aladeen.

dictator1 The Dictator Rules in Rowdy, Raw Comedy

Aladeen comes to New York City to address the United Nations, supposedly to sign a promise to make his country a democracy. But things go awry, and Aladeen finds himself without clothes and his famous black beard in the big apple, until he’s befriended by the PC owner of vegan type store, played by Anna Faris, the self-proclaimed queen of goofy comedy spoofs.

dictator 3 The Dictator Rules in Rowdy, Raw Comedy

At this point, stop worrying about the storyline. Suffice it to say that the film is comically offensive on almost any and all fronts. It is frequently laugh-out-loud hilarious, and it spoofs a lot of what is actually going on in global politics.

dictator 4 The Dictator Rules in Rowdy, Raw Comedy

But be forewarned. You’re going to need a very broad sense of humor to enjoy this movie. There are many well-known performers and SNL personalities in featured roles like John C. Reily, Horatio Sanz, Chris Parnell, Fred Armisen and Chris Elliott.

dictator 2 The Dictator Rules in Rowdy, Raw Comedy

“The Dictator” proves even evil despots with no taste can be very popular.



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