“That’s My Boy” Not Your Movie

Harry Hamm

“That’s My Boy” doesn’t even deserve one star.

boy11 Thats My Boy Not Your Movie

Imagine a film that gives large supporting roles to those well-known “actors” Vanilla Ice, Tony Orlando and sports talk show host Dan Patrick. (At least Patrick wears a large white wig, so perhaps no on will recognize him.)

boy 4 Thats My Boy Not Your Movie

The “storyline” is that Adam Sandler is the derelict father to an uptight young man played by SNL’s Adam Samberg. Sandler raised Samberg until he was 18, then they had a falling out. Not it’s time for Samberg to get married, so Sandler shows up to booze and brawl his way back into his son’s life at the time of the kid’s nuptials.

boy 2 Thats My Boy Not Your Movie

The first thing anyone who has the misfortune to see this movie (providing they have an IQ over 75) is that it is terminally tasteless and gross. It’s the kind of so-called comedy that seems like it is out to appeal to the absolute lowest common denominator.

boy 3 Thats My Boy Not Your Movie

And that is the only thing in which it succeeds.


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