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Weekend Programming
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Scott opens the show and lays out the floor plan for how today’s program will be built.

Hour 1

Scott takes calls about gutters, showers, and tile.

More callers come to Scott for help regarding porches and cracks in concrete.

Air conditioner questions and more concrete solutions round out hour number one of the Home Improvement show.

Hour 2

Attic fans prove to be a strong start to the noon hour here on KMOX.

Some questions about rafters and more information on asking proper questions during a repair process. And how to clean a stubborn bathtub.

Lighting questions and power sufficiency are key in this segment.

A porch is drooping and its columns are hurting. What to do? Call the Home Improvement show! Also a question about aluminum wiring.

Hour 3

Caller questions put to rest by Scott Mosby.

A car-port question and a rotting front door in segment 2.

Cracking concrete gets another appearance today, plus copper piping that leaks.

The final segment of today’s show.

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