St. Louisans Donate An Average of 4 Percent of Income to Charity

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – How do St. Louisians stack up with other metro areas when it comes to charitable giving?

Salt Lake City, Memphis and Birmingham residents typically give the most, at least 7 percent of their discretionary income goes to charity, according to a new study from the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Boston residents are on the bottom, averaging less than 3 percent. As for the St. Louis metropolitan area, we’re right in the middle. On average, St. Louis residents donate 4.1 percent of their income to charity.

When that’s broken down by counties, St. Louis County and City residents give 5.6 percent, followed by St. Clair County at 5.1 percent, Madison County at 4.6 percent, St. Charles County at 4.5 percent and Jefferson County 4 percent.

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