A ‘Disturbing’ Trend Toward Bad Air Quality This Summer

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Even though today is the first forecasted “red” air quality day of the summer, the American Lung Association says the entire summer of 2012 has been bad.

Lung Association Director of Health Susanna Fuchs says the hot summer has meant a lot of orange air quality days.

“If you would have asked me back in March if we were in a trend, I would have said ‘we’re for sure on a trend to better air quality, and things are looking up, and all our efforts are making a difference,'” Fuchs said.

But, she says, a hot summer filled with “orange” and “yellow” air quality days has been a step backward, calling the trend “out of the blue” and “disturbing.”

Fuchs says if you want to combat car emmissions that add to the problem, don’t go through the drive-thru, and turn off your car when waiting to pick up kids from school.


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