Boy Scout ‘Perversion Files’ Show Local Accusations

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – After a two-year court battle, the so-called Boy Scout “Perversion Files” are public. KMOX reviewed the Los Angeles Times database and found over two dozen area cases, some with names of the accused but most without.

Joe Mueller is Director of Public Relations for the Greater St. Louis Area Council Boy Scouts of America. He was looking at the previously confidential files at the same time KMOX was.

“These files were held at the national office of the Boy Scouts of America and they were intended to be a single part or piece of our youth protection standards,” Mueller said.

One local case from 1984 contained a handwritten letter from a concerned parent in South Dakota who wrote that Thomas Krechel, who had moved to St. Louis and was volunteering with Troop 831, had been convicted of child sexual abuse in Bismarck.

Mueller has been with the Scouts for 21 years and he says scouting as a whole will continually become stronger as the organization examines itself.

“We can look back now with the lens of 2012 and see that we were not doing enough,” Mueller said. “And now, I believe, society can see that we are doing the proper things now and doing more of them to keep children safe.”

Mueller says the Scouts did not begin conducting criminal background checks until 2008.

The database contains information on about 5,000 men and a few women expelled from the Boy Scouts between 1947 and 2005 on suspicion of sexual abuse.

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