Local Watchdog Warns of Proposition L ‘Deception’

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St. Louis County Library
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ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOX) - Taxpayer watchdog Tom Sullivan is warning voters to reject Proposition L, the proposed tax hike for libraries in St. Louis County.

A guest on the Charlie Brennan Show yesterday, Sullivan says the County library system has enjoyed steady revenue growth from rising property values.

“I think one of the deceptions that’s being used is they keep saying ‘we haven’t raised the tax rate since 1983,'” Sullivan said. “Well, in 1983 they were getting about $9 million in revenue from the tax and last year they got 34.5 million.”

“The point is, they are getting huge amounts of revenue and the idea that they’re trying to put out there is they’re getting by with the same amount of revenue as 1983. They never tell you the fact that the revenue has actually gone up four-fold.”

Supporters of Proposition L say the tax hike is needed to replace or modernize County library buildings.

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