Another City Considers Doing Away With Flouridated Water

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COLUMBIA, MO (KMOX) – A local dentist says it doesn’t make fiscal sense for a community to do away with its fluoridated water.

Pevely, Missouri did it earlier this year, citing the high cost of fluoridating the water. Now, Columbia is studying the issue.

“Fluoridation is something that saves a lot of money,” West St. Louis County dentist Dr. Jeffrey Dalin said. “For every dollar spent fluoridating the water, you can save a lot of extra money in treatment costs.”

“With the escalating cost we keep hearing about of health care, fluoridation is something that helps everyone in the community and is very cost-effective,” he added.

Besides the cost, some opponents of the Columbia measure say fluoridated water has positive effects, especially in infants. National studies show fluoridated water decreases the rate of decay by 60 percent in baby teeth, 35 percent in permanent teeth.

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