Local Minister On St. Louis Grand Jury: ‘Something’s Not Working’

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - A minister from Christ Church Cathedral is on the St. Louis grand jury until February and offers an interesting perspective.

The Reverend Mike Kinman gives an “A-plus” to prosecutors and police but, because he has a concern about crime in the city, is frustrated with the criminal justice process.

“The most frustrating thing about being on a grand jury is the question I want most asked isn’t the question I’m supposed to ask which is ‘why?'” For example, why do child abuse and domestic violence occur? Why are there so many repeat offenders? And why aren’t prisons rehabilitating prisoners?

“How are we reconciling people? How are we bring people out of brokenness to wholeness when we’re just rotating them through a prison system?”

He was told before considering his first case that 90 percent of the 14,000 arrests in a year are repeat offenders. His response was blunt: “something’s not working.”

“So much of it’s just guns and drugs, guns and drugs, guns and drugs,” he said.

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