St. Louis 23rd On ‘Drunkest Cities’ List

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A year ago, the Daily Beast ranked St. Louis in the top ten – eighth, to be exact – in its list of ‘America’s Drunkest Cities.’ But either the city has sobered up in the past twelve months or other cities have increased their inebriation.

The Daily Beast ranked St. Louis number 23 in its latest ’25 Drunkest Cities’ tally, slightly drunker than Cleveland but soberer than Buffalo.

Three factors account for the rankings: a city’s average number of alcoholic drinks consumed by adults per month, the percentage of the population classified as binge drinkers, and the percentage of the population classified as heavy drinkers.

According to the study, St. Louis adults consume an average of 13.4 alcohol drinks per month. 18 percent of city residents are considered binge drinkers and just over 6 percent are considered heavy drinkers.

Boston topped the 2012 list. According to The Daily Beast, over 20 percent of Bostonians are binge drinkers and 7.4 percent are heavy drinkers.


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