St. Louis Performer Blasts Into the Big-Time!!

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Elliana Hentoff-Killian grew up performing. Her mother, Jessica Hentoff, runs Circus Harmony, the social circus school based at City Museum.

Now, performing as Elliana Grace, she becomes the youngest “human cannonball” for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s “Built to Amaze” tour.

Check out her debut video and see Elliana fly!

On a personal note, Elliana is one of my daughter’s idols and the inspiration for my daughter to begin taking circus classes at Circus Harmony. Circus classes have made a huge impact on my 8-year old’s life over the past two years. She’s gone from painfully shy to a girl to can run out into a ring and perform in front of hundreds of people.

I believe Circus Harmony and the St. Louis Arches are two of St. Louis’ best-kept secrets–although I am doing my best to make sure everyone knows how blessed we are to have them and what a difference they’ve made in the lives of so many.

Congratulations, Elliana Grace!

Debbie Monterrey

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