Concealed Carry Permits Spiked Locally In 2012

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Concealed Carry 1a, Getty Images, photo by Shelly Katz
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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - Concealed carry gun permits are on the rise, dramatically, in both St. Louis City and St. Louis County.

Applications for concealed carry permits shot up 43 percent last year in St. Louis County and up almost 27 percent in the city. Mike Guzzy with the St. Louis Sheriff’s Office says it’s because of the gun paradox.

“The incidents of gun violence tend to breed the demand for guns,” he said.

And with a series of shooting rampages in 2012, Guzzy says people are worried. “Guns have been misused and there’s been tragic loss of life. They’re both concerned for their self-defense and they’re also concerned the government is going to take action to limit the supply of guns.”

In St. Louis County 5,099 people applied for concealed carry permits in 2012. In St. Louis City the total was 956.

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