Notre Dame HS Visit–Peabody Energy Leaders In Education

Bradley Behrmann Named A Peabody Energy Leader In Education; Gets $1,000 Prize

(Lemay)–Notre Dame teacher Bradley Behrmann and the 200+ students gathered in the school’s cafeteria thought they were attending a safety seminar. Instead, Behrmann was honored for his commitment to his students and to teaching. He was awarded $1,000 and named a Peabody Energy Leader in Education. He is now eligible to be named Peabody’s Educator of the Year and win another $5,000.

It has been my honor to be involved in Peabody Energy’s efforts to recognize outstanding educators and I love to attend these presentations when I can. My visit to Notre Dame High School was my first time there, and what an impressive school and group of young women! It’s a hidden gem along with Mississippi River.

It’s not too late to nominate someone for this honor. It doesn’t have to be a teacher. It could be a coach, counselor, principal, adviser, custodian, cafeteria worker. Anyone who inspires and helps our kids excel is eligible!

Debbie Monterrey

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