Ellisville City Council To Consider Mayor’s Impeachment Tonight

Michael Calhoun (@michaelcalhoun, mrcalhoun@cbs.com)

ELLISVILLE, MO (KMOX) – Tonight, Ellisville City Council members hold a special meeting to consider commencing impeachment proceedings against the city’s mayor.

The allegations against Mayor Adam Paul are serious, and include: drinking on the job, illegally issuing orders to city employees, sharing details of closed meetings, shouting profanity during public forums and more.


“We have an opportunity to bring the city back together and get things moving again,” council member Matt Pirrello said. “We have been virtually at a stalemate since the election.”

But Paul’s attorney, Chet Pleban, claims that it all goes back to last year’s controversial Walmart tax breaks.

“This is a political witch hunt. Nothing more, nothing less,” he said.

Pleban said pro-Walmart council members are simply trying to neutralize the mayor’s opposition, ahead of potential votes on the development as well as municipal elections in April.

Pleban also questioned why many of the allegations are only now being addressed, six months to a year after the fact.

He said: “You’re telling me that the city manager is sitting at a meeting and this guy allegedly is drinking and allegedly maybe is even drunk and the city manager and nobody on the council does anything about it at that point in time? I doubt it.”

One of the allegations is that the Mayor illegally tried to fire City Attorney Paul Martin. Pleban noted that, in what he perceives to be a conflict of interest, it was Martin who drafted the impeachment resolution.

Martin, meantime, told KMOX News that he couldn’t comment on details of the charges.

“I am going to be disqualified from the process as I will likely be a witness and, given the pending nature of the situation, I really don’t feel like I can talk about details yet,” he explained.

The meeting begins tonight at 6 o’clock at Ellisville City Hall.

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