Does St. Charles County Need A Better Mass Transit System?

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ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KMOX) — While we talk about a trolley in the Loop and a street car downtown, what about some mass transit crossing over into St. Charles County?

Since 97-percent of the people there own their own car, County Executive Steve Ehlmann says there really isn’t a need unless gas prices go up.

“When gasoline prices get to $5 a gallon there is going to be people, even in St. Charles, wanting to say ‘hey, maybe it’ll be better to have a bus out here,” said Ehlmann.

Ehlmann notes that from 1904 to 1933, there was a trolley line in St. Charles which crossed the river and connected with others in Wellston.

The end to that was, of course, the internal combustion engine.

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