Prosthetic Genitalia Commonly Used to Falsify Drug Tests

Allison Blood, KMOX News

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – Avertest General Manager Nick Runge says he has a box of Whizzinators in his office.

Avertest has offices in Missouri and California, and does tests not only for probation officers but also for companies checking on their employees.  Runge says he’s seen lots of these prosthetic devices, known as Whizzinators, in this time with the company, in fact, as many as a few a month.

“The industry has been seeing these types of devices, whether it’s a Whizzinator or other type of devices used to adulterate or tamper with drug testing samples for years,” he said.

Though the higher-end devices go for about $150 each, he says they’re pretty easy to spot, they’re often plastic, and don’t look particularly authentic. They strap on, and have a small box that holds the urine, and its kept warm by a small heating device.

“It’s ususally…the people that are going to try to use these things are people brand new to the criminal justice system,” Runge said.

In other words, using one is a rookie mistake. In fact, falsifying a urine test while on probation could lead to criminal charges, which KMOX reported on Friday morning.


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