Storm Damaged Two Trailers in Franklin County

SULLIVAN, Mo. (KMOX) — Officials in Franklin County say most of the damage from Wednesday’s storms was centered in the Sullivan area.

One trailer in Jurgens trailer Court just east of Sullivan near I-44 was destroyed.

A second trailer was turned over and a third trailer was moved off its foundation slightly. There were also numerous power lines down and a large Billboard near the trailer court was destroyed.

Authorities say the Transmit tower for Sullivan Fire was also bent in half.

911 System Went Down

Franklin County Sheriff’s Communications went down during the height of the storm including 911. Officials say those calls were routed to Jefferson County. The system was down for a little over an hour but is back up and running today.

The Sheriff’s Office is located along Hwy V where there were several trees and lines down.

Communications runs off of a generator that was in operation. Examination of the system this morning indicates that the outage was caused by a blown Generator circuit feeding the command center at the Union Sherriff’s office causing the 911 equipment and Radio equipment to lose power, possibly from a lightning strike.

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    […] Storm Destroyed Two Trailers in Franklin County SULLIVAN, Mo. (KMOX) — Officers in Franklin County say most of the hurt from Wednesday&#39s storms was centered in the Sullivan area. One particular trailer in Jurgens trailer Courtroom just east of Sullivan in close proximity to I-forty four was ruined. A 2nd trailer was turned above … Read through far more on […]

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