Treasure Hunter Hobbyists Upset With O’Fallon Ordinance

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Metal Detector

O’FALLON, MO (KMOX) - A new ordinance in the city of O’Fallon, Missouri has one group of hobbyist crying foul.

The popularity of a cable show has apparently spawned a whole new group of people who search public land with hand-held metal detectors looking for hidden treasure. As a result, O’Fallon lawmakers have decided what is found on city property or in a park belongs to the city.

This has created a minor uproar among treasure hunters who say every now and then a piece of jewelry is found or some loose change, but for the most part it’s beer bottle tops and cans, nails, drug needles and other assorted junk. The hobbyists maintain they remove the trash found, fill in any holes, and return found jewelery when possible.

Six areas are off limits in O’Fallon: athletic fields, historical areas, archaeological sites, and landscaped areas and irrigated lawns.

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