St. Louis Woman Vows To Give Up Her Car For A Month

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — Some people talk about living a greener life and reducing their carbon footprint, and some people actually do something about it.

Jess Leitch of St. Louis is beginning Day Two of her self-imposed experiment to hang up her car keys for an entire month and rely on her bicycle or public transportation to get around town.

The self-proclaimed “freelance blogger” tells KMOX News that she’s so committed to biking, busing or walking everywhere for 31 days she parked her car out-of-reach at her parents’ house.

Notice she didn’t say she’s selling her car, but Leitch expects this to be a life-changing experiment.

“I thought I could give up my car for a month, which turned in to I should give up my car for a month,” said Leitch. She says she’s hoping this month will change the way she views traveling in St. Louis, and “it kind of encourages me to hop on my bike more.”

Leitch also hopes to inspire others to at least think about making the change.

You can follow Leitch’s progress all month long HERE. #CarFreeSTL Also check out Leitch’s blog.


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