Senate Committee Approves New Rules to Deal with Sex Abuse in the Military

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Senator McCaskill/Senate Armed Services Committee

Senator McCaskill/Senate Armed Services Committee

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WASHINGTON (KMOX) – Sweeping new procedures , on how the military should handle sex abuse in the ranks, comes from the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Senator Clair McCaskill, a member of the committee, says a key point to the recommendations is that it eliminates the chain of command, letting an alleged victim go strait to the top, and even top command would be accountable.

“If a commander doesn’t agree with the (Military) lawyer then it goes straight up to the civilian branch of the military” said McCaskill, “It’s some of the most aggressive and historic reform the military code of justice has seen.”

It would also be a crime for anyone to retaliate against those who report sexual abuse. McCaskill said the committee’s recommendations would create a new culture in the military.

Senator McCaskill said The cowards who commit sexual assault in the military deserve long prison sentences and a dishonorable discharge.

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