Honor System Study Finds Most Americans Are Not Thieves

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – It is far from scientifically accurate but according to a report by Honest Tea, the producer of the nation’s top-selling organic tea in a bottle, Americans seem to be fairly honest.

In what was called the “National Honesty Index,” the organic tea maker set up unmanned booths with a variety of the company’s tea products and a cash box with a sign that read “honor system, a dollar a bottle” in all 50 states.

In Illinois, 94 percent of residents put a dollar in the box after taking a bottle of tea while 92 percent of Missouri residents left a dollar, matching the national average.

“Over 92 percent of Americans chose to put money in the box,” says Seth Goldman of Honest Tea.

In the study, women were 95 percent honest and men were 91 percent honest.

Alabama and Hawaii had 100 percent compliance rates while Washington D.C. had the lowest at 80 percent.

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