Hancock & Kelley – Monday, July 29th – Raising Minimum Wage for Fast Food Workers; Primer on Pres. Calvin Coolidge; Pope Francis’s Trip to S. America; Speed Traps in Ellisville MO

John and Michael talk with Rabbi Susan Talve, who is speaking on behalf of fast food workers in STL, who are walking of their jobs today as part of an unprecedented seven-city strike wave to protest low wages.

Who is the last U.S. President to slash both taxes and the federal budget? John and Michael talk with Amity Schlaes of the George W. Bush Presidential Center in University Park, TX, and author of “Coolidge”.

John and Michael discuss Pope Francis’s historic trip to South America and his comments on gays and the church and gay priests.

What is the universal sign for a speed trap? John and Michael talk about the Ellisville MO man who was ticketed by police for flashing his lights at other motorists, warning them of an upcoming speed trap.

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