Illinois Officers Will Now Be Trained To Subdue Dogs Humanely

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — Police shooting dogs.

It’s a problem around the country and now the governor of Illinois has signed a bill to prevent it.

House Bill 3388 provides specialized training to officers across the state about how to handle animals.

Cherie Travis has done training with all the Cook County sheriff’s department on animal crime and investigations.

“I think sometimes the police are in a situation where they have to make an impulse, split second decision,” said Travis. “Sometimes they shoot a dog because that’s been their experience.”

The program includes training on canine behavior and nonlethal ways to subdue a dog.

Travis suggests using a fire extinguisher to give a cold blast in a dogs face, or using an air horn. “I’ve seen videos of officers using tazers on a dog.”

The training also equips officers to deal with dog fighting.


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