More People Leaving St. Louis, Chicago Heading West

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — ‘Go West, young man’ the saying goes. And the country’s biggest moving company says a lot of St. Louisans are heeding the call.

United Van Lines spokeswoman Melissa Sullivan says they took at look at their rental figures and found that “the three cities that have the highest percentage of people leaving are Chicago, New York, and St. Louis.”

She said about 58 percent of the moves this summer in St. Louis were from people leaving the metro area. A statistic Sullivan calls not incredibly alarming, but “it certainly is something that caught our attention.”

Specific cities that are gaining are Atlanta and Houston, as well as the Pacific Northwest as a whole — Seattle, Portland, San Jose.

Sullivan also says, year-after-year, the Southwest, like Phoenix, is usually a winner.

She notes when this study was done for the first time last year, St. Louis also topped the list of cities which people were leaving.

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