Local Expert Warns of Kidney Concerns With Crossfit Workout

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A local sports medicine doctor has a warning about doing too much during the popular Crossfit workout.

Crossfit is done in groups, with a trainer present, pushing participants to their limits.

“It’s typically very rigorous and intense,” Dr. Scott Kaar at Saint Louis University Hospital said. In some cases the workouts have led to rhabdomyolysis.

“What happens is the body breaks down muscle while we’re working out and that muscle breakdown, those products from the breakdown of muscle, then get excreted through the kidneys into our urine,” Kaar explained. “If there’s too much of these muscle breakdowns products that go through the kidneys, they cause the kidneys to shut down.”

To avoid that danger, Kaar urges Crossfit participants to ensure they are working out with a certified trainer and are hydrated before, during, and after the workout. The water dilutes the products from the muscle breakdown, allowing the kidneys to more easily process them.


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