County Police See Increased Attendance at Citizen Police Academies

CLAYTON, Mo. (KMOX) – Crime fighting is not just for the police anymore.

It’s message law enforcers have been trying to get out for years and now St. Louis County Police say the message is beginning to get through.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce often credits neighborhood groups with helping keep their parts of the city safer and St. Louis County Police have long been holding citizen police academies.

County Police Officer Randy Vaughn says those academies are becoming more popular. In fact, he says, since the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, attendance has doubled at academies in the West County and Fenton precincts.

“There’s so much news coverage now on incidents that are scary to common families and we’re seeing more people who are trying to get involved,” Vaughn said.

Vaughn advises citizens who want to take part to call their local precinct’s neighborhood policing officer.

“The more that these citizens become involved in these situations, the better off we are, the more successful we are,” he added.


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