Ann Wagner: There is Nothing Off the Table

WASHINGTON, (KMOX) – Eighteen republicans, including local Congresswoman Ann Wagner, met at the White House late Thursday night about how to reopen the government and what to do about the debt ceiling.

Wagner told KMOX that the meeting was productive.

“We haven’t taken anything on or off the table and frankly, the president, talked about the Affordable Care Act and leaving that on the table also,” she said, adding “what was good and productive and useful about this was that discussions are beginning immediately.”

Both sides agreed on a temporary extension on the debt ceiling, to allow time to talk about tax reform, entitlement reform, budget issues. But no deal on the government shutdown and the Affordable Care Act.

Wagner told CNN that everyone agreed to stop the fear mongering. “Discussions about guns, or anarchist, or default need to be taken off the table and need to be brought down on all side on this discussion.”


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