Car Repairs Could Spiral When You Hit a Pothole

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Hitting even just one pothole could cost you $100 to $1,000 in car repairs, according to mechanic Greg Damon.

Damon, who also hosts the KMOX Auto Show said he has seen cars with flat tires, bent wheels, bad suspension parts and bad steering parts all from hitting potholes.

Damon said sometimes it may be tempting to put off a repair but warns not to because it could develop into a much bigger problem.

“We see a lot of impact breaks on tires. That’s when you get a bubble on the outside of the tire,” Damon said. “It’s very dangerous for tires.”

Damon said potholes are a bigger problem now than in years past because of the car industry’s drive to make cars more fuel efficient and aerodynamic.

“You see the cars sit really low to the ground, that’s why a lot of times they have problems in the snow because there is not enough ground clearance. That’s the same with potholes,” he explained.

His advice: keep your eyes peeled on the road ahead, and if you can’t avoid hitting a pothole treat it like a speed bump and slow down.


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