‘No Cash For Copper’ Proving Effective

Police say that the new copper theft law is making a difference.
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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – St. Louis Police are hailing the results of a new law designed to help cure the city’s epidemic of copper thefts.

District 1 Commander Dan Howard says since the “No Cash for Copper” law went into effect early last year burglaries targeting expensive copper wiring have fallen drastically.

He says the key is the one-week waiting period.

“Heroin addicts and drug addicts that would burglarize somebody’s home and rip out their copper pipes and take them directly to a scrap yard to get instant cash,” says Howard.

Now those looking to sell copper are required to provide their driver’s license and address, then receive a check within five to seven days.

Howard says legitimate sellers don’t mind the wait.

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