Police Chief Speaks Out Against Motorist Survey

A Missouri Police Chief says that a motorist survey is unconstitutional.
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Old Monroe, Mo. (KMOX) – Under a federal program, motorists are asked to voluntarily give saliva and blood samples to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

One local police chief doesn’t like the program. Old Monroe Police Chief Larry Kirk says motorists in his county don’t like it either.

“Their immediate agitation is not with the surveying group, their agitation is the fact that a police officer used his power to pull them off the highways,” says Kirk.

While federal authorities are taking the samples, it’s local police who are directing the traffic. Kirk thinks the program is unconstitutional.

“I appreciate good scientific research, I don’t appreciate us being used to force people to decide if they want to be part of it or not,” says Kirk.

Republican Representative Ken Wilson also thinks the program violates Missourians rights.

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