Survey Says Daters Don’t Like Debtors

A survey on love and money finds that dating couples want to know about debt.
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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – On this Valentine’s day comes an interesting survey on love and money. Country Financial hears from their customers and discovers that if you have a great deal of debt, you might be hard pressed to find a mate.

Joe Burhmann, Manager of Financial Security, says dating couples want to know about debt.

“About two-thirds of Americans who were dating or single say that they were unwilling to date or marry someone who has significant debt,” says Burhmann.

The survey also found that St. Louisans are willing to talk about debt three months into a relationship.

“It is really important to know the financial picture for the household. It’s really important to create that financial plan with your significant other. That’s going to include addressing short and long-term goals like paying down debt or longer term goals like retirement,” says Burhmann.

And in case you are trying to hide your financial picture from your partner, Burhmann says 80% said they know exactly how much debt their significant other has.

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