St. Louis Announces “Warrant Forgiveness”

Brett Blume

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The city of St. Louis announces a “warrant forgiveness” program that allows people to come in voluntarily and get a court date without being immediately booked into jail.

But, according to City Hall spokesperson Maggie Crane, don’t think of this as an amnesty program for past wrong-doings.

“They should not read this as ‘hey, you’re not getting away with anything’. You still have an obligation to the law. This will clear your warrant and get you a new court date,” says Crane.

Crane says this also helps city courts by flushing out the clogged legal system but it only applies to traffic violations, nuisance, truancy and other non-violent offenses.

She says whether you have one outstanding warrant or a dozen, it will cost you $35 to take part in the program through the end of this week.

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