Spring Flooding Outlook

Brett Blume
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Photo: KMOX/ Tanya Sinkovits

Photo: KMOX/ Tanya Sinkovits

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – With the abundance of snow we’ve experienced over this long winter, is there a potential for spring flooding this year? One local weather expert is revealing his spring outlook with an eye on the potential for flooding.

National Weather Service hydrologist Mark Fuchs says there are no indications at this time that there will be any severe flooding along the Mississippi River adding that’s not a 100% guarantee.

“We’re not ruling it out certainly but if we get an average spring of average rainfall in the upper part of the Mississippi basin we shouldn’t get anything worse than minor flooding,” says Fuchs.

Fuchs knows that might seem strange, until you realize that much of that northern snowpack will melt right into the ground.

“In those areas where there’s also a lot of snow pack, there’s also a drought going on and in some cases a severe drought across part of Iowa, Minnesota and up into Wisconsin,” says Fuchs.

He predicts only minor flooding along the Mississippi between Hannibal and St. Louis.

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