Daylight Saving Time Sees Increase in Traffic Accidents, Heart Attacks

Fred Bodimer

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A local neuroscientist says we need to be very careful over the next few days—once we adjust our clocks one hour forward Saturday night.

KMOX Health Editor Fred Bodimer reports on the dangers of Daylight Saving Time.

“Every year when we spring forward, we have a significant increase in the number of traffic accidents,” says Washington University’s Erik Herzog.

He says two studies provide the evidence.

“The increase persists for about three days after the shift, so that would be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,” he says. “We also see an increase in the number of heart attacks that lasts about two days.”

Herzog says originally Daylight Saving Time was set up to save energy, but he says it just doesn’t do that anymore. And he sees no benefit in keeping it going.

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