Parents Testify At Public Heroin Hearing

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Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX)- A recent heroin hearing in Edwardsville might make parents realize that just because their children get good grades and don’t party, doesn’t mean they don’t have an addiction to heroin.

David Admier says his son who dreamed of going to college with an sports scholarship, has been in treatment several times and overdosed a total of three times. He advises anyone with a sports injury who needs a pain killer, to ask your doctor for one that isn’t opiate based.

“With my son Brad, he had a sports injury when he was 16…prescribed Vicodin. That’s where it all started with him,” says Admier.

Several parents told us it began with a prescription pain killer.  Some students received a doctors’ prescription to treat a legitimate sports injury and then when the Vicodin runs out they often turn to heroin.

Heroin costs about $6 making it affordable for these teens.

“So, they graduate to that, because it’s more easily accessible and doesn’t cost as much,” says a parent who attended the hearing.

Another parent, Beverly Halliday, says her college-educated daughter had a good job, but was going through depression when a doctor prescribed Xanax. Other parents who attended the heroin hearing in Edwardsville, warned about the dangers of Vicodin for sports injuries.

“It did not start with heroin, I would say it started with other drugs,” says Halliday.

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