Jersey County’s Metal Detector Decision Influenced By Conceal Carry Law

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Courtesy:  Jerseyville Facebook

Courtesy: Jerseyville Facebook

JERSEYVILLE, Ill. (KMOX) – The Jersey County Sheriff says he’s been trying to get a metal detector installed at the county board chambers for six years now and now he’s finally got one.

Sheriff Mark Kallal says the board approved the measure earlier this week. He feels it’s especially important to have a metal detector with Illinois passing the conceal carry law.

“Just in the recent past, as you know Illinois has passed a conceal carry. Accidents do happen, mistakes happen,” says Kallal.

He says the only two “no” votes came from council people who didn’t want to potentially pay overtime to a police officer who would stand by the detector during meetings.

The Jersey County Board has approved about $3,000 for the metal detector which will be placed outside council chambers.

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