Illinois Senate Make Efforts for a Federal Constitution Convention

Jim Anderson / IRN
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Illinois State Capitol Photo: Getty Images

Illinois State Capitol Photo: Getty Images

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (IRN/CAPITOL BUREAU) – Some Illinois lawmakers are calling for a federal constitutional convention to amend the Constitution in order to allow laws that limit the influence of money in politics.

“When the Supreme Court of the United States rules that money is a protected speech and that ordinary people cannot pass common-sense laws because they might dilute the influence of the super-rich, it’s time to change the game,” Illinois State Senator Jacqueline Collins of the 16th District says.

State Senator Williams Delgato of the 2nd District says that this constitution needs to be reversed by the Supreme Court on Citizens United, because it gave corporations personhood and led to super packs. He adds that it is not just in Illinois, but something that is happening throughout the nation.

“Most Americans want campaigns to be free of the corrupting influence of excessive spending by outside interest, and yet fair enough so that any citizen can run for public office,” Richard Lake, Illinois State Director of the group Wolf PAC says.

Illinois Senate may act on a resolution today calling on a constitutional convention.


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