Missouri Couple Takes ‘Selfie’ With Friend’s Dead Body

Shawn Thomas

NEWTON COUNTY, M.O. (CBS St. Louis) — A man and woman have been charged after taking a selfie with the corpse of an overdosed friend, the Daily News reports.

Chelsie Berry, 24, and Jared Prier, 28, were also charged with abandoning a dead body.

According the Berry’s report to investigators, she and Dannis (Nathan) Meyer, 30, were hanging out when Meyer injected himself with the powerful painkiller Dilaudid and began “acting crazy” and “pulling out his penis.”

Meyer then passed out.

Instead of dialing 911 or calling the proper authorities, Berry called Prier and met at a McDonald’s parking lot.

The two then hung out with Meyer’s dead body sitting in the front seat.

When the corpse began to “smell bad,” they moved it to the back seat, posed for a selfie with it, and eventually threw it out of the car on a deserted road.

The picture was posted to Facebook but has since been deleted.

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