Ferrario’s Getting Hitched: As If Wedding Planning Wasn’t Stressful Enough…

Alex Ferrario (@FerrarioKMOX)

My fiancé, Katie, and I have been together for five years but have known each other much longer. Last July, I mustered up the courage to propose to the woman I have spent all my time with and knew was the one.

I have been warned through family, friends and TV shows that wedding planning is stressful and can cause plenty of entertaining moments along the way. Katie knows it’s tough for her to handle stress, and she is the last person that would want to be in charge of an entire wedding. We figured giving ourselves a little over a year would be plenty of time to take everything step-by-step and be as less stressed as possible. Not so much!

The first few months were the “honeymoon” months of the wedding planning — all excitement and no concerns over anything. We had our budget set, we had our bridal party picked, and needed to start picking out the essentials (photographer, DJ, reception hall and church).

I assumed a woman who has been planning for her wedding for her entire life – and has Pinterest – would have no issues with this. That’s not the way this worked, at all. We researched at least 25 different church/halls, and the amount of money that they charge for a room is insane! I even tried haggling with the owner, and that didn’t go over well. After taking out half the decorations and the cheapest food, we were basically paying a little over 3K for an empty room we had to decorate ourselves. Once we realized the expense, we settled on Katie’s family’s church and reception hall. Being members can bring a huge discount.

The photographer was an easy booking, and that came as a surprise. But, then there came the DJ.

I was in charge of the music and party bus, so I assumed being in charge of the DJ would be the easiest thing ever. Wrong, again! I spent at least three weeks staring at brochures, calling places and asking references. Those didn’t help at all. I went to the internet to read reviews, and that was even less helpful. It almost got to the point where I thought about DJing the wedding myself. How hard is it to put together a playlist and play it off my iPod? My fiance wasn’t going with that, so I finally forced myself to make a decision.

At this point, we have the church, reception hall, bridal party, photographer and DJ picked out. That should be everything, right? Wrong.

Decisions on the color and theme of the wedding were unbelievably difficult compared to some of the other decisions. We wanted an October wedding, but there weren’t many dates available. It was either October 7 or the 29. The 7th, being a Friday, was ruled out pretty quickly, but a long conversation was needed before we agreed on the 29th.

Katie and I are both huge fans of the fall and Halloween, but not enough to have a Halloween wedding. And we knew everyone would ask if that was the theme because of the date being so close to the 31st. No. You wouldn’t believe the amount of family members and friends who just assumed it would be a costume wedding or Halloween-themed reception. I didn’t even know that was a thing! I even had a buddy send me the receipt for a Superman outfit he was going to wear under his suit, which he was going to rip off once the ceremony ended. Geez! After telling many people that Halloween has no significance in the wedding, we finally felt good about our decision.

Now, we have 10 weeks left until the wedding, and I really don’t know what else to expect to happen to us. I know that this will be the most exciting and stressful time of the engagement period.

Please join myself and Katie in the final weeks of the wedding planning, and check back weekly for updates!


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