Bad Moms’ Night Out!

by Debbie Monterrey

The delay in posting about this hilarious, fun night is not because I’m a bad mom, but because we left on an amazing family vacation right after this happened! But I still think about this particular evening and how important it was for me and my mom friends.

Photo by Debbie Monterrey

At Ronnie’s/Wehrenberg Theater, Photo by Debbie Monterrey

When I saw the trailers for “Bad Moms,” I immediately sent out a message to a bunch of mom friends–WE NEED A MOMS’ NIGHT OUT! The response was incredible.

Of COURSE we needed a night out. We’re all juggling work, kids, husbands, activities, crazy schedules, trying to be and do everything for everyone. We’re dealing with the constant pressure of never getting it all done and feeling like no one appreciates what we do. We’re exhausted. Clearly my call for doing something fun JUST FOR US was a clarion call.

After the movie in the Ronnies lobby, not wanting it to end. Photo by Noelle Collins)

After the movie in the Ronnies lobby, not wanting it to end. (Photo by Noelle Collins)

As the RSVPs came pouring in (with several anguished “I can’t make it! Family reunion…soccer tournament…company in town….”) I realized this was more of an event than a night out!

Turns out, the movie’s promoters were organizing a #BadMothersDay for that opening Friday night and we captured their attention because we had a big group ready to go!

I tweeted @GusGusFunBus (15-passenger bus operated by Mike Arnold who drives people around to wineries, beer fests and other outings) hoping he’d be available to drive us. Once he said yes, I kicked it into high gear.

Friend Brooke Roseberry, owner of The Purple Martin, was coming so we decided to meet at her place and take the party bus from there. Her bartender created a special Bad Moms cocktail for the evening.

Back on @GusGusFunBus! (Assuming a head shot, I was squatting).

Back on @GusGusFunBus! (Assuming a head shot, I was squatting).

We wound up getting BAD MOMS t-shirts and wine glasses (to-go cups for the bus) and an entire row reserved for us at Ronnie’s.

We felt like rock stars!

And the movie? It did not disappoint. In fact, I laughed harder at this movie than possibly any movie I have ever seen in my life. Not kidding. Several of the women in our group later took their husbands that same weekend.

Moral of the story? More moms’ nights out, for sure! For me, I’m always paranoid about my bad planning skills, but I rocked this night out!

Biggest takeaway: I know a lot of amazing moms. And for the moms who were invited but couldn’t come, there will be another opportunity!

Bad Moms rule!


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