Ferrario’s Getting Hitched: Now, Where Are We Going to Live?

Alex Ferrario (@FerrarioKMOX)

Onto the next big decision — where are we going to live?

I originally wanted to invest in an apartment to start thing off so we can figure out finances and what it’s like to both live on our own. I figured an apartment would be easy to just pay rent and utilities and not have to worry about anything else.

Katie, on the other hand, didn’t want an apartment due to the size and the investment that went into being a homeowner. This led to a lengthy debate and plenty of sleepless nights. House or apartment? After talking to numerous people, seeing both sides of the argument, and also realizing we were getting married and she is the woman, the decision was made – we would buy a house.

Over two dozen houses researched, three different realtors, and 1000s of pieces of paperwork later, we felt like we were out of options, and it was going to be an apartment. We figured one more weekend of searching and then we would call it quits. So we set out on a Saturday to look through six houses.

The first two were God-awful (as usual considering the price range we were in) and we expected the next four to be the same. We pulled up to the 3rd one and surprisingly liked the look. The siding was asbestos which we were unsure about, the back porch was covered and the lawn was in good shape. The inside was clean, smelled normal (you’d be surprised how many houses smelled like B.O., cat poop, and dirt), and the house was spacious. Being in our price range and knowing we didn’t want to make a rash decision, we departed for the next house.

(Alex Ferrario/KMOX)

(Alex Ferrario/KMOX)

While driving, Katie looked at me and said, “We honestly aren’t going to find anything better, so let’s just do it.” Now, understand that Katie does not make big decisions that fast. She will stew over a decision to buy a purse for a week or two, while researching the pros and cons of that purse. That’s why I was amazed as to how fast she said yes and was ready to settle. So when we got to the next house, before the agent even got out of her car, we told her we liked the previous house and wanted to purchase it.

A few weeks later, and the wedding planning still on hold, we became homeowners. Now for the real fun – fixing up the house.

(Alex Ferrario/KMOX)

(Alex Ferrario/KMOX)

The place wasn’t in bad shape, but it did need fresh paint on all the walls (yes, ALL the walls), new carpet and new basement floor (the house also had asbestos flooring in the basement … what’s with all this damn asbestos?!) Over the next few weeks, we went into full house-mode and redid pretty much everything that needed to be fixed. I’m no home improvement expert and usually stay away from these areas, so you can imagine how long it took for Katie and I to just paint and tear up carpet.

That’s a story for another day.

Join Alex and his fiancé, Katie, in their final weeks of wedding planning! Check back weekly for updates.


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