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These Are BIG Flurries!

We should be used to it by now but there’s more snow falling and with temperatures in the 20’s it may take awhile to melt. A large cell of light snow is over St. Louis […]


It’s Over For The Jefferson Overpass

A major route to downtown is closed for the weekend. A scheduled overpass replacement has begun at Jefferson Avenue in the city. The overpass is coming down this weekend and that has Interstate 64-40 closed […]


Missouri Moves To Recapture Car Tax

In Missouri, local governments could once again be able to collect sales taxes on cars bought outside the state under consideration in the Missouri Senate. The Senate is expected to vote on a bill later […]


KMOX Auto Show

KMOX Auto Show with Greg Damon

Greg talks to Chris Adelman live from the Auto Show, James Bell to preview the new Corvette, and the Automotive Dealer Roundtable.


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Survey: 21% Access The Web While Driving

A new study indicates that a growing number of drivers aren’t paying attention to the road.


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GM To Make 500,000 Electrified Cars A Year By 2017

With GM’s new target, electric cars will soon make up five percent of the company’s output.


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As Cars Get Stronger, Jaws Of Life Have To Be Tougher

Stronger steel makes it much more difficult for rescue personnel to remove victims from vehicles.


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Scientists Convert Algae To Crude Oil In 60 Seconds

By putting green microalgae under intense pressure and heat, researchers can now create biocrude oil.


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Thanksgiving Traffic: Better Than Last Year (Thank Gas Prices)

Roadways will likely be slightly less congested than they were last year.


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Tesla Accused Of Operating Illegal Showrooms In Four States

Tesla says that the majority of its showrooms don’t sell. They simply share information. Not everyone is buying it.