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ACKERMAN: Welcome To Chris Carpenter Field

As Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter and his wife, Alyson, arrived at Jackson Park in Berkeley on Monday, they watched a group of local kids walk from their school to where an infield diamond, outfield fences, giant scoreboard and green grass awaited them.


Jonathan Quick, Getty/Harry How

ACKERMAN: Two Quick Takes

It’s a good day to be a sports fan in this city. In the meantime, here are a couple of thoughts on each team before the puck drops.



ACKERMAN: Blind, Driven, Inspiring

Chris Judd and Bryce Weiler don’t know each other, but they share an incredible love for sports just the same.



ACKERMAN: We Won’t Be Down For Long

The lowest form of life who did this, the person who is responsible for this evil attack at the Boston Marathon, is a coward.


St. Louis Blues Kevin Shattenkirk advances the puck in the first period against the Calgary Flames at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis on October 10, 2011. St. Louis won the game 5-2.    UPI/Bill Greenblatt

The Sports Hub: Tom Ackerman, Kyle Lohse, Kevin Shattenkirk, Jim Thomas, Mike DeCourcy, TJ Moe and Picabo Street

Tom Ackerman joins Maurice Drummond from Florida to talk Cardinal baseball and the new five-year deal signed by Adam Wainwright. Former Cardinal ace and newly signed Brewers’ starter Kyle Lohse discusses his new deal and […]

CBS Sports Radio–03/28/2013

Spring Training

ACKERMAN: Final Four Picks, Cards Thoughts

The tournament is about to tip (I know it already has, but Thursday is the real first day. Right?)


Spring Training

Braves Beat Cards, 12-3

The Cardinals scored their first runs since last Saturday, but the Braves jumped on Redbird pitching for a lopsided victory.


New England Patriots v St Louis Rams

ACKERMAN: London Review

I’ve always been a believer that in sports, you have to have your heart broken to understand what it takes to be a champion. Brady, Belichick and the Patriots imposed their will on the Rams. It’s what they do.


Rams London, Getty/Scott Heavey

ACKERMAN: The NFL…and London

So when will we see the first NFL star from London? Paris? Tokyo? Will there be fantasy football leagues in London some day?



ACKERMAN: One More Win

Mike Matheny isn’t going to let his players get comfortable with a 3-1 lead — nor should he.



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