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Risk Of Stillbirth Doubled By Moms Sleeping On Backs, Study SaysResearchers in Great Britain say the common sleeping position can double the risk of stillbirth during the third trimester.
Want To Live Longer? Scientists Say You Should Get A DogA new study in Sweden says owning a dog is the best medicine for cardiovascular health, especially if you're single.
St. Louis Family Steps Out In Faith To Get Treatment For Daughter"Ask any physical therapist, ask any neurosurgeon, and they'll say she should be in a wheelchair," says mom, Heather Morgan.
FDA Warns of New Opiate-Like DrugThe Food and Drug Administration is warning about the dangers a dietary supplement some are taking to get high.
Eating Chocolate For Breakfast Is Good For You, Studies FindThe report on 2017 food trends looked at the positive effects of eating dessert, especially dark chocolate, can have on the body and the brain.
Go Nuts: Pistachios, Peanuts Strengthen The Brain, Study SaysResearchers said regularly eating nuts and legumes, which include peanuts, strengthens brainwaves associated with healing, learning and memory.
What If All Americans Went Vegan? Study Finds Mixed ResultsThe results found that not only would the overall impact to the planet be minor, but the vegan diet would fail to meet the nutritional needs of Americans.
FDA Approves First-Ever Pill With Digital Tracking SystemThe decision is considered an unprecedented step in ensuring that patients with mental disorders take their medicine.
American Heart Association Redefines High Blood PressureThe American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology are redefining high blood pressure.
Bill Gates Pledges $50 Million to Alzheimer'sThe Microsoft co-founder says that the donation to the Dementia Discovery Fund is personal and not through his charitable foundation.
Mushrooms May Be 'Fountain Of Youth' Food, Study SaysResearchers at Penn State say they've found that a wide variety of mushrooms are packed with two important anti-aging chemicals, ergothioneine and glutathione.
Nutritionists Denounce One Of Internet's Most Popular DietsOne health expert called the "CICO" diet "an outdated way of thinking," with another adding it can "wreak havoc" on other parts of your body.

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