Aisha & Debbie Dish: Sleep, Schools & SuperheroesWe talk "Wonder Woman," sleeping babies and comparing schools with a handy new app.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Ramadan, Stress & Libraries!Ramadan, high stress levels and combating summer boredom. It's all there for you in one 20-minute podcast.
Fathers' Support Center Names 2017 Father of the YearFrom jobless and homeless to father of the year. It's been quite a journey for Gary Turner, who turned to the Fathers' Support Center when things were looking bleak.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Bullying, Body-Shaming & EmpowermentA "new" form of bullying that's tough for schools to address, a cartoon ad campaign accused of body-shaming girls, plus Gina Marten of Girls in the Know.
Debbie's Birthday Challenge: Helping Dads Through Fathers' Support Center!What I want for my birthday: to get community support for Fathers' Support Center, an organization that's making a true, positive impact on children and families.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Challenges in ParentingAisha & Debbie Dish about the challenges of single parenting, co-parenting and ending deadbeat parenting. With special guest Katy Michael.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: 13 Reasons Why & the B-day ChallengeAisha & Debbie Dish about the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why." Should your kids watch it? Should you? And Aisha unveils her birthday challenge, already successfully underway.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Digesting News & Maxine Clark!The crazy news never stops, the challenge of sorting through the "facts." May is the most miserable month for moms! Maxine Clark stops by to discuss Blueprint 4 Summer STL, St. Louis Surge and Delmar Divine.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: The Concerning & UpliftingAisha & Debbie Dish about disturbing AP report on student sexual assaults in our schools; Carol Daniel talks about turning her 55th into an uplifting record-breaker.
Aisha & Debbie Dish: Not Enough TimeAisha & Debbie Dish about the brutal spring allergy season; Life Coach Jill Farmer teaches us how to say NO and get more time in our lives!
Aisha & Debbie Dish: The Sleep EpisodeOn podcast #15, Deb's insights on why Dutch kids are the happiest in the world (having just been there), and sleep expert Kelly Weygandt of Clayton Babies Sleeping Consulting joins us to discuss sleep, why it's crucial and what we're doing wrong!
Aisha & Debbie Dish: From A Man's PerspectiveFor Aisha & Debbie Dish Podcast #14, we get a man's perspective on fatherhood and why milennial men might prefer a stay-at-home wife (Jeremy Nulik being a great sport).

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