Mississippi River

UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Flood Warning for Mississippi

Mississippi will hit flood stage late Thursday


UPI/Bill Greenblatt

Missouri Lawmakers Approve Veterans Court Bill

Lawmakers have approved legislation allowing the expansion of special courts to handle current and former military personnel.


Bats Delay Flood Fix

The floodwaters are falling south of St. Louis but now bats are holding up the levee work. Officials with the Little River Drainage District near Cape Girardeau say the Corp of Engineers, which handles flood […]


Has Our Rain Run Its Course?

Finally. . .we’re about to run out of rain. Only showers remain in the forecast. Over the weekend the rain cancelled events and Little League ball games and flooded streets and basements.  Now, though, only […]



Mississippi Barge Breakaway Not the Only One

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard investigation continues. One big question: should 114 barges breaking loose raise eyebrows?


Coast Guard photo of one of eleven barges that sank south of St. Louis in flood-swollen Mississippi.

Past Problems for Breakaway Barge Company

Investigators are looking into what caused more than 100 barges to break free during recent flooding.


File photo of barge on Mississippi River.

Second Mississippi River Bridge Hit by Barge

For the second time in less than a week a Mississippi River bridge has been struck by a barge. The latest incident happened Thursday morning.


Flood Warnings, State of Emergency Continue

Missouri Governor Nixon has declared a state of emergency to deal with last week’s heavy rains and this weekend’s rising rivers. Friday, Nixon activated the Missouri National Guard, sending troops to Clarksville and other Mississippi […]


Update: Over 100 Barges Set Free In The Flood

South St. Louis County’s Illinois connection was down to one lane each way Sunday morning after several breakaway barges hit the Jefferson Barracks bridge. With the river up and in flood, the Coast Guard says […]


Sandbags And Levees Holding North Of St. Louis

There’s optimism on the Mississippi.  Flood workers at Clarksville say their sandbags are holding and they began to see the river slowly falling yesterday afternoon.  A bigger problem appears to be the Illinois River but […]



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