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Stewart struck and killed fellow driver Kevin Ward Jr. last month during a race; jury to decide whether he will face charges
Police say Eric Matthew Frein, who expressed a desire to commit mass murder, is considered armed and "extremely dangerous"
Native American representative says league's handling of domestic violence and child abuse cases -- in addition to the derogatory team name -- a symptom of "moral arrogance"
The flood of ships arriving for the Gold Rush often encountered problems in the treacherous waters off Northern California
A tape purported to feature Rivers' voice is a fraud, says a rep for the late comedian
The actress has given birth to the couple's first child, making "The Notebook" star a new dad
Michael Brown, 18, was fatally shot by a police officer on Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Mo., sparking protests and bringing national attention to police treatment of African-Americans
The real estate mogul is thinking of getting back in the game in Atlantic City after years away from the Jersey Shore
Hannah Graham, 18, was reportedly seen on her way to a party early Saturday when she texted her friends that she was lost
The network and the singer are splitting up after more fallout from the Ray Rice scandal

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