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Sharecropper's son turned four-term mayor of nation's capital has died age 78; made national headlines for drug abuse and political resiliency
As university vows changes, dozens protest outside fraternity house where woman claims she was raped 2 years ago by 7 men
The U.S. and other world powers are offering to gradually suspend economic sanctions placed on Iran if the country agrees to further slow down its nuclear program. Margaret Brennan reports.
Two men, one of whom had served 39 years in prison, were released after their 1975 murder convictions were dismissed. A key witness said his testimony had been coerced by the police and recanted. Vicente Arenas reports.
At least 20 people were injured as a strong earthquake hit the Japanese city of Nagano. The quake caused power outages and triggered a landslide blocking roads. Seth Doane reports.
Two-year investigation of politically charged incident determines whether series of persistent allegations were valid
Multiple sources tell CBS News when to expect announcement in fatal police shooting of Michael Brown
Smart is turning her ordeal into weapon against $99-billion-a-year sex trafficking industry, which has more than tripled in last 7 years
Police chief: "There's somebody out there who knows a lot more than we know and we need that information"
Massive snow problem in western New York about to turn into massive melting problem as temperatures rise, rain falls

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