What’s The Best Nickname For Greg Zuerlein?


Tom Ackerman
KMOX Sports Director @Ackerman1120

I like "Greg The Leg," but I’m getting closer to using "Legatron" in a sportscast. Are we sure Zuerlein isn’t a robotic lifeform?

Kevin Wheeler
KMOX Host @KMOXWheeler

My favorite is "Legatron." It implies that he is the kicking version of Calvin Johnson, for one thing. It also brings an other-worldly description of his leg strength. "Greg The Leg" is okay but seems too simple. "Young GZ," an obvious play off rapper "Young Jeezy," is current and hip but doesn't really say much about his talent as a kicker. So I'm sticking with "Legatron."

Scott Warmann

There are a lot of great and creative nicknames out there for the rookie kicker from Missouri Western, but I'm going to go with the original, "Greg the Leg."

Nathan Grimm
KMOX Blogger @Nate_Grimm

My favorite answer to this question came from James Laurinaitis. Laurinaitis, when asked about Zuerlein's many nicknames, simply said, "He's 'rook' to me." Perfect.


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