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Queen of Soul says Johnny Rockets worker screamed at her for eating takeout burger inside restaurant
The guitarists of the country band LoCash Cowboys give viewers a closeup vantage point to their performance at the Country Thunder music festival in Twin Lakes, Wis., July 25, 2014.
After a long hiatus, the singer-songwriter - back with a new album and tour - reflects on life beyond a rocky period of breakups and her father's death
Miranda Lambert and LoCash Cowboys are among the performers at the Twin Lakes, Wis., music festival
In her memoir the Oscar-winning actress tells of growing up as part of an acting and filmmaking dynasty
The Austin director whose latest movie follows a boy from ages six to 18 says, "The manipulation of time is the unique property of cinema"
Many of those attending San Diego's annual Comic-Con comic book convention are following the tradition of dressing up as their favorite comic or sci-fi star. Bigad Shaban met some fans who take their costumes very seriously.
Cast and crew revealed at Comic-Con when the hit AMC series will be returning for its fifth season
Fans at the San Diego convention got to see the minute-long teaser for the next "Hunger Games" film before everyone else
The stars made a surprise appearance at Comic-Con and brought a first look at (but few details about) their new space adventure film